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October 8, 2018

In this interesting article appeared in, Zach St George goes after creativity. We all know the importance of creativity in advancing the human story forward. What exactly is the motivation for one to search novelty? To be creative? What drives creativity in the first place? If you take the case of food, shelter or sex we know the immediate benefits of satisfying those drives. Can we club creativity too in that club of primary human drives? There is an interesting link between boredom and creativity. The point is that it’s often boredom which leads us to experiment and to be creative. To be contented cannot be the drive for creativity. An important area being probed in the domain of creativity is what is called the information gap which triggers curiosity. The idea is what triggers our curiosity often is not a subject which we know too much or too little but something about which we have only a partial knowledge. Scientists conducted a lot of experiments in this area. In any case, curiosity remains an area which we need to explore more and more and as the writer concludes

To predict or even control curiosity would be to teach more efficiently, to better understand diseases of the mind, to entertain more consistently; life would be endlessly interesting….

Those who are more curious about curiosity may please see the link below.

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